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The Trabocchi Coast

The Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo runs for about 50 kilometres from Ortona to Vasto in the south. A traboccho is a wooden fishing platform, sitting on wooden piles in the Adriatic Sea, which connects to the land by way of some very perilous-looking piers. These structures are protected by law and unique to the Adriatic coast. Most of the trabocchi you see along the coast have been turned into restaurants.

The Trabocchi Coast is also home to one of the longest seaside cycle lanes in Europe with separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians. Known as the La Via Verde, it was constructed on an old abandoned railway line and has fabulous views for its entire length. As you would expect, this being Italy, every few 100 metres you will find somewhere to have lunch, a cold drink, or even a gelato. If you feel so inclined, you can step off the path and relax on one of the many beaches along its length – the beaches range from sandy to rocky so if you don’t see one you like simply walk a little way and you’re sure to find something more appealing.

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