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Un Passo dal Mare Restaurant

Un Passo dal Mare Restaurant

Fish features quite prominently in Abruzzese cuisine which is hardly surprising given that you’re never far from the sea here. Un Passo Dal Mare, Elice, covers all bases and is not only a restaurant but also a fishmonger so you’re assured of the freshest possible fish. There is no written menu and the dishes available depend on the fish sourced that morning. The staff are very helpful and will help with your food selections. The decor is also light and airy as befits a fish restaurant.

The antipasti is generous with both a cold insalata di mare and marinated fish and then a cooked selection including a very large portion of mussels and clams which were absolutely delicious. The pasta dishes on offer include the usual spaghetti alle vongole and gnocchi with prawns; all of it was finger-licking good. Unfortunately, after such large helpings of antipasti and pasta we couldn’t manage any secondi or dolci!

The diners were a selection of blue-collar workers, a lone English couple (us, obviously), a Maserati owner, and office workers which is always a great recommendation both in terms of the quality and pricing of the food. The wine selection was very good.

The good people at Azienda Agricola D’Alesio Sciarr recommended this restaurant to us and we would agree that it’s definitely worth a visit. However, we do suggest you set aside at least two to three hours so that you can properly enjoy all this restaurant has to offer. Perhaps schedule a wine tasting at the Azienda in the morning and then top it off with lunch at Un Passo for a truly indulgent day.

Un Passo dal Mare doesn’t have a website but the restaurant does have a Facebook page – search for Un Passo dal Mare Elice.

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