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I have spent the last ten years travelling the highways and byways of Italy. My journeys have taken me from Sicily in the south to Lake Garda in the north and I have been lucky enough to sample many of the gorgeous wines and delightful culinary delicacies that this beautiful country has to offer. Let me introduce you to these incredible wines and to the dedicated Italian artisanal winemakers working for your pleasure.

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From the canals of Venice to the Amalfi Coast, down to Sicily and beyond

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Always interesting, best to always stay calm

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Beautiful, never ending variety of options on where to go


northern Italy

The regions of Northern Italy offer a dazzling array of cultural and gastronomic delights, some well known like the famous Barolo, some waiting to be discovered, like Schioppettino. Whether you are new to Italy or an experienced traveller there are always new delights to be found, from sipping Bardolino on the banks of Lake Garda to walking through the heartlands of the Unesco World Heritage site that is Le Langhe. Each region has something unique and enchanting to offer so let us show you some of them.

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Central Italy

If you ask anybody to name an Italian wine most will reply Chianti, famous in the past for its round-bottomed, straw-wrapped flasks that were to be found as rustic candle holders in Italian restaurants around the world or converted into table lamps in homes . Chianti comes from Tuscany, a region that produces a plethora of renowned wines with names like Brunello and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Clearly, Tuscany is a region worthy of attention and rightly so, but let us show you the wonderful things that can be found in neighbouring Umbria and Lazio. Uncover ancient battle sites that have now become vineyards and discover how German bishops fell in love with Italian wines.

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Southern Italy

For almost 800 years Southern Italy did not form part of the country we now know as Italy. The southern traditions, culturally, gastronomically, and even linguistically are very different from the north. From the ancient Greek temples of Paestum to the magical trulli of Alberobello in Puglia, thousands of years of history and viticultural tradition await the visitor to this part of Italy. Let us introduce you to the great wines of these regions like Primitivo di Manduria and Taurasi. More than that, let us introduce you to characters like Frederick the Second, an emperor who spoke six languages, used three different alphabets, was excommunicated by the Church three times, and, by the age of three, was King of Sicily.

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