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Chez Black

Chez Black

Positano is possibly the most popular destination on the stunning Amalfi coast. The town first came to popular attention when the American author of The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck, wrote an article in praise of the town – it was published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1953.

In those postwar years international tourism was both exotic and expensive and Positano became the playground of the rich and famous. And still today you will see some very expensive yachts moored in the bay during the summer months. However, it is now accessible to a much larger audience but it has not lost its air of exclusivity, which is another way of saying it is not cheap. So where to eat?

There are lots of alternatives catering to a variety of markets but if you want to enjoy your food – rather than just refuel – I would suggest Chez Black. The carved figureheads of mermaids set the nautical tone for this restaurant that is literally only a couple of yards from the beach. It’s an ideal place to people-watch while enjoying a lazy lunch during the heat of the day, when shade is essential rather than merely desirable. There is an extensive menu catering for all tastes and while it may not be in the top rank of gastronomic experiences the overall ambience provides a memorable occasion. Book in advance if you can and specify a table at the front to enjoy it at its best.

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