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Agriturismo - A Very Italian Thing...

Leaving the city behind and heading off to the delights of the Italian countryside can be difficult for the independent traveller and this is where the agriturismo is indispensable. As you travel through the countryside you will see signs for agriturismi everywhere. This is a system devised by the Italian government to help hard-up farmers. The majority of Italian farms are relatively small scale and do not make economic sense but by taking in paying guests they get a tax break and, put simply, that is agriturismo. Over the years it has become an Italian institution which is used by Italian tourists all over the country. From modest beginnings it has grown and so now the most luxurious have swimming pools and restaurants. There are rules governing the type of accommodation which qualifies as an agriturismo so that, for example, the food has to include mostly local produce. To find one that will suit your needs and budget check out


Vinnie and I had just visited the vineyard, La Capanna, where Daniele had arranged for us to visit the vineyard’s very own agriturismo, Capanna Suites. We were shown around by the charming Alice and, make no mistake, this is a seriously high-end agriturismo with an infinity pool, spa and restaurant with panoramic views over the Tuscan countryside.


Enjoy some fine dining in the evening with such delights as tagliatelle with wild boar ragu or guinea fowl breast, washed down with perhaps the La Capanna Rosso di Montalcino. Finish with tiramisu with cantucci cookies and Moscadello di Montalcino wine, a slightly sweet dessert wine with flavours of apricot and honey. A little piece of heaven.

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All images courtesy of Capanna Suites .

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