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White Peaches

Our local greengrocer refers to these peaches as umbilico di Venere or Venus’ belly button. They are also known as pesca tabaccheria because they are thought to look like snuff boxes. Generally known more prosaically as flat white peaches, they are becoming available across Europe and herein lies a problem. They do not travel well and the results can be disappointing. Firstly, when you find them in a foreign greengrocer or supermarket they can be rock hard and, secondly, even if they can be ripened the taste will not be there.

To really experience the delights that these fruits have to offer they must be fresh and grown on the warm volcanic slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna. So, sadly, if you want to enjoy them, you will have to spend some of your summer in il bel paese eating these little jewels over the kitchen sink with the juices dripping down your chin and running down your arm. Sublime…

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