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The Theatre of Silence, Lajatico

As you drive through the small Tuscan hamlet of La Sterza you may be surprised to see a famous name, Bocelli, on a business selling agricultural machinery. Yes, this is the birthplace of the famous tenor, Andrea, and that is the family business. Further on, at the side of the road, you can see Cantina Bocelli where the family sells wine, olive oil, and honey produced on their farm. They may have a superstar in the family but their feet are firmly rooted in Tuscan soil. 

However, some things have changed with Andrea’s rise to international fame and not far away is Il Teatro del Silenzio, the Theatre of Silence. Built by the local council in collaboration with Andrea Bocelli, this is an open-air amphitheatre set in the gently rolling Tuscan hills that is indeed silent except for once a year, in July, when Andrea puts on a star-studded concert for charity. Tickets for the event sell out months in advance but the theatre itself is open to the public outside of the concert dates so you can enjoy the grassy slopes of the amphitheatre that lead down to the lake that serves as a backdrop, and take pleasure in the sculptures on display.

To take full advantage of the beautiful setting, why not take a Bocelli recording with you and maybe a chilled bottle of Prosecco and Tuscan picnic?

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