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The Murals of Braccano

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When you first arrive in Braccano you could be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing to see or do here apart from indulging in a gentle stroll through a quirky little village and, perhaps, enjoying a cup of coffee at the little bar whilst watching the approximately 150 inhabitants of the village as they go about their business. However, when you start walking through the streets and tiny alleyways, you see the colourful murals which have made this village increasingly well-known.

The murals of Braccano (or murales as they are also known) were the brainchild of someone on the local council who managed to convince everyone that it was a good idea. Artists from the art schools in Macerata, Urbino, and Brera were then invited to paint the village and the results are now there for all to admire.

Braccano also has some lovely hiking trails so if you feel so inclined, you can wonder along these trails and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Alternatively, book a wine-tasting at Tenuta Colpaola which lies just outside Braccano.

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